To all of those people who may stumble upon this blog, I welcome you and invite you to stay a while. I am new to blogging but a mentor once told me that in the midst of college chaos, blogging may help keep my sanity. I will update y’all on if it’s working or not. Since this is a public blog, I am going to tell all of you a little about myself. Now to break the ice and be truthful to all of you, I am an agricultural advocate, animal science major, Native to West Texas, and I am a huge meat eater. My hopes for this blog is to educate the public on agriculture as well as inform fellow agriculturalists about new and upcoming products or programs (I may also throw in a few rants) I grew up on a beef cattle ranch in west Texas and ran 20 head of black baldies myself and I am always looking for things to improve my production. Now for a heads up, some of my blogs will be controversial, so I invite anyone to comment with opinions or if I get something wrong, correct me and I will do a little more research to see where I got the information wrong. I do ask that if you do comment, which ever side you’re on, please be respectful and careful with your words, because once it’s on the Internet, you’re words will stay on the Internet. Once again welcome and I wish you all will have a fantastic day.
Hanah Georges

West Texas Tough